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Ask A Designer Service

The Solution - Our Free "Ask a Designer" Program

We know it can be extremely challenging finding the best rug options to match the specific decor in your room without first visualizing them in person. Selecting rug designs, styles, colors, patterns and sizes for your room can be a difficult decision to make online.

This is why we have created our unique "Ask a Designer" program - simplifying your rug selection process with access to expert designers providing you valuable insight on rug selections and a visual representation of your space with our selected rugs placed in your rooms photo.

How it Works

1Take a Photo of Your Room
Take a Photo of Your Room
Make sure your room is well lit with all lights on
Take a high quality photo of your room with a digital camera
You can also use a smart phone in landscape mode to take a photo
2Upload your photo
Upload your photo
We accept images in jpeg or png file format
Your images should be 2mb in size or less for optimal uploading
Simply upload your images with your contact information
3Download Your Room Photo
Download Your Room Photo
Our expert designers will select a number of rug options for your room
We will email you links to images of your room with hand selected rugs placed in your photo
Simply download your room photos with the different rug options
4Place Your Order
Place Your Order
Our expert designers will send you links to the selected rug product pages, providing rug details and purchase options
Each hand selected "Ask a Designer" rug will include a promotional code with discounts
Simply click on the rug product link in your email and you will be directed to the individual page with discounts included in pricing

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